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MPRE Score Report

A passing score of 85 must be achieved within two (2) calendar years of passing the Virginia Bar Exam. An applicant passing the Virginia Bar Examination cannot be licensed until they have achieved a valid passing MPRE score.

If you have taken the MPRE (Multi-Professional Responsibility Exam) and had your scores sent to Virginia, make sure your social security number on the score report sent to you is accurate. Your social security number is how we match you to your MPRE scores. If your social security number is not correct on your copy of the MPRE Score Report, make a copy of the report you were sent with the change made to your social security number and attach that to your application.

For those who have previously taken the MPRE and did not elect to have your scores sent to Virginia, you must request a score report to be sent to us. To have your scores sent to Virginia, contact the MPRE Records Department at 319-337-1304.

Additional information may be obtained from the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

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