Non-Standard Testing Accommodations

An applicant who requires non-standard testing accommodations for the Virginia Bar Examination must file a Petition for Non-Standard Testing, along with ALL required documents, NOT LATER THAN THE FILING DEADLINE for the examination for which the applicant is requesting accommodations. Such Petition for Non-Standard Testing MUST accompany your Application for Examination to sit for the Virginia Bar Examination.

Petition for Non-Standard Testing Guidelines

The Board's policy for determining whether to grant test accommodations on the Virginia Bar Examination is set forth in the Petition for Non-Standard Testing Guidelines.

Petition for Non-Standard Testing forms are available through our online forms and should be completed as part of your application submissions for the Virginia bar examination.

Licensed Healthcare Professionals, Law School Officials, and Bar Admission Authorities ONLY

Click here to access PDF versions of our Non-Standard Testing Licensed Healthcare Professional, Law School Officials and Bar Admission Authorities forms.