Resume of Past Practice of Law

Provide detailed description of your past practice of law, in resume format, to include the following:

  • Employer Name
    • If you are a firm owner or partner (and not considered self-employed), you must submit wage documentation, such as a W-2 or K-1, to verify your full-time employment.
    • If self-employed within the last five years from the date of your application your must submit the following:
      • Federal Income Tax Return Forms, including all Schedules (for each year of self employment within the last five years)
      • Copy of lease(s) for office(s) from which you practiced law on a full-time basis
      • Certificate of Judge (Also part of Application)
      • Three client references - (client name, address, phone and fax number, time period of representation)
      • Notarized Affidavit under oath, certifying to your full-time practice as a self-employed lawyer
  • Employerʼs address (physical office location)
    • If employer is no longer at the physical office where you were employed, provide current address, phone and fax number. If employer no longer exists, submit name of verifying reference, reference's current address, phone and fax numbers. Such employer/reference must be able to verify the employment dates and all other information you have submitted.
  • Employerʼs phone and fax number
  • Supervisorʼs name
  • Precise Month and Year of Employment
  • Hours worked per week for each employer
  • Description of legal practice