An applicant who properly applies for an examination with the Office of the Secretary but fails to take the examination shall forfeit the application fee for that examination unless:

  1. By written notice to the Office of the Secretary such applicant requests that the application for examination on file be carried forward to an examination within one year of the date of the examination for which the original application was made.
    1. Such notice shall be received by the Office of the Secretary of the Board within thirty days of the date of the examination which the applicant missed; and
    2. The applicant shall thereafter timely file with the Office of the Secretary of the Board such documents as are necessary to update the application for the subsequent examination, including (a) an Update of Previously Filed Application Form; (b) a Character & Fitness Update form, updating the information in the applicant's Character & Fitness Questionnaire, (the Board may require a new character and fitness investigation if more than four (4) years have elapsed since the applicant's graduation from law school or from the date of completion of the original Character & Fitness Questionnaire); (c) current Certificates of Good Standing from the court of last resort of any jurisdiction to which the applicant has been admitted; (d) a carry-forward update fee; and (e) if the application fee for the examination has been increased since the examination for which the applicant did not appear, the amount of the difference in such fees.
  2. No portion of the application or carry-forward fees shall be refundable.