Results - February 2021 Exam

Results Posted

PASS LISTS - Applicants who passed the February 2021 Virginia Bar Exam
  1. PASS LIST ONE - Applicants who passed the February 2021 Virginia Bar Exam, have completed all other admission requirements, and have been licensed to practice law by the Board.
  2. PASS LIST TWO (Blue List) - Applicants who passed the February 2021 Virginia Bar Exam, but who have outstanding admission requirements, and at this time are NOT licensed to practice law.

The following persons passed the February 2021 Virginia Bar Exam, have achieved the required score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, have met all other requirements for admission to the Virginia Bar, and are being licensed effective April 23, 2021.

To Applicants on List One: On April 23, 2021, the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners mailed to each licensed applicant a letter notifying the applicant that they passed the Virginia Bar Exam, instructions on how to register with the Virginia State Bar, an Oath Package from the Supreme Court of Virginia, and information in regard to the virtual Admission Ceremony scheduled for June 2, 2021.

All change of address requests received on or before April 19, 2021 have been made. If you submitted your change of address after April 19, 2021, or failed to notify us of your change of address, make sure you have a forwarding order on file with the United States Post Office. We cannot resend the registration packages due to the cost of postage.

Do NOT call the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners, the Virginia State Bar, or the Supreme Court of Virginia with questions regarding registration or the admission ceremony until AFTER you have received your package and have read all of the documents. Most questions will be answered in those documents.


Josephus Micah Allmond
Victoria Grace Bakkeby
Hollyanne Marissa Callahan
Lance Casimir
Janice I-Jier Chen
Elizabeth Marie Chisum
Anissa Nicole Cottrell
Jonathan Matthew De Mars
Jennifer Marie Deci
Benjamin Allan Ellis
Kelsie Marie Fellows
David Gregory Feiler Flores
Sarah Austin Fraenkel
Patrick Owen Francescon
Melissa Anne Freakley
Seth Conner Fulton
Rachel Ann Vanest Gallagher
Christopher David Getty
Geoffrey Robert Grau
Abigail Michelle Gump
Michael-Leo Elie Haddad
Jessica Marie Hadley
Mary Kathryn Hall
Kimberlee Vo Hanamura-Valashinas
Rachel Ann Henderson
Connor Philippe Jaccard
Sung Che Jo
Samantha Ann Jordan
Hannah Elizabeth Juricic
Jason Edward Kane
Shawn William Kelley
Ethan John Koelsch
Zachary Scott Lacy
Alexa Jordan Lowman
Cherie Ashmore Markley
Aaron David Massuda
Kristen Maria McConnell
Francis Leo McLaughlin, IV
Jonathan Charles Moeller
Rachel Jacqueline Monias
Jackson Scott Morgan
Jazmin Cheyenne Mullen
Alexis Xiao Ying Oulton
Jean Marie Palmer
Caitlin Madison Parry
Shiven Shirish Patel
William Henry Thomas Rice
Jessica Lea Roberts
Rebecca Jordan Roeberg
Corey Ethan Salyers
Maann Ronny Sangid
Hashim Yahya Sbaiti
Stefanie Ann Schwartz
Tom Benjamin Scott-Sharoni
Katherine Elizabeth Sheffield
Allison Marie Siegel
Tatyana Singh
Marina Alexis Smith
Leon Carroll Stern, Jr.
Robert Michael Swahn, Jr.
Amanda Lynne Swanson
Megan Sheryl Teel
Hunter Reid Waddell
Katherine Deanna Wahl
Mayah A'Shanti Wells
Kevin Michael Wheeler
Terence Carey Williams
Francis Alfred Wilson
Joshua Schiller Wirth
Danté Jamal Wright
Joshua Matthew Wysor

The following persons passed the February 2021 Virginia Bar Exam, BUT have not yet completed all other requirements for admission to the Virginia Bar. Their admission is deferred pending completion of any outstanding requirements. A letter was mailed to each person on this list setting forth their outstanding requirements.

To Applicants on List Two: Do NOT call the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners' office until AFTER you have received your letter and have followed the instructions set forth therein. The Board licenses applicants who have satisfactorily completed all outstanding requirements on or about the 15th of each month. Upon being licensed, you will be notified in writing by the Board.

PASS LIST TWO - NOT licensed as of April 23, 2021

Bijan Michael Aboutorabi
Brittany Nicole Adams
David Hall Allen
Sami Leigh Alsawaf
Erin Margaret Bayles
Margaret Maryanna Birkel
Hugh Hagan Brown
Ashley Frances Chiera
Noah James DiPasquale
Stephen George Donches, II
Harout John Doukmajian
Mark Neal Dumas, Jr.
Kevin Gerard Edwards, II
Paul Amadeus Elliott
Brian Timothy Falgiano
Chelsea Lee Fiedler
Gemma Kathryn McMurtrie Forest
Rebecca Marie Garcia
John Daniel Hanna
Teresa Rostkowski Hepler
Breck Irven Hosford
Kristen Kimberley House
Andre Vincent Keels
Tate William Kommer
Heain Lee
Dane Thomas Lindsay
Douglass William List
Cooper Austin Littlejohn
Kyle Thomas Lullo
Dean Qi Luo
Sara Rebekah Luttrell
Alexandra Diane Maher
Lauren Taylor Mason
Thomas William Matthew, II
W. Elgine Heceta McArdle
Miles Andrew McCann
Peter James McKelroy
Douglas Edwin Murphy
Stefania Napolitano
Ryan Anthony Nelson
Patrick Vann Nowak
Rachel Christine Oberg
Ben Adofo Ofori
John Carter Robertson
Justine McWilliams Sennott
Daniel Joseph Shapiro
Alyssa Marie Smith
Carl Taylor Smith
William Augustus Blount Stewart, III
Anthony Joseph Tamburro
Kathryn Elizabeth Tamburro
Karima Tawfik
Shalonda Michelle Tillman
Julianne Toia
Nicholas George Vretakis
Nancy Louise Walsh

If your name does not appear on either Pass List One or Pass List Two, you did NOT achieve a passing score on the February 2021 Virginia Bar Exam. Your results and instructions for re-application were mailed to your address on file.

A Re-Application for Examination can be found on our website Click on - Bar Exam - Applying for Exam - Application.

Please Note: The statutory filing deadline for the July 2021 Bar Exam is May 10, 2021.

See § 54.1-3925 of the Code of Virginia. If your application is not actually received in the Secretary's office by the filing deadline (May 10 for the July exam; December 15 for the February exam), it may be deemed to be timely filed only if it has been transmitted expense prepaid to the Office of the Secretary of the Board by Priority, Express, Registered or Certified mail via the United States Postal Service, or by a third party commercial carrier for Next-Day Delivery, and the official receipt therefor issued by the United States Postal Service or by such third party commercial carrier, which shall be exhibited on demand of the Secretary, shows such transmission or mailing to the Secretary's office on or before the prescribed deadline.

Priority, Express, Registered or Certified mail via the United States Postal Service or Next-Day Delivery by a third party commercial carrier are the only methods of transmission or mailing authorized by the statute. Thus, an application sent by any other form of mail, such as First Class mail, cannot be accepted if it is received after the filing deadline, even if it is postmarked before.

Application forms should be filed no more than 90 days prior to the filing deadline, but must be filed by the statutory filing deadline in accordance with § 54.1-3925 of the Code of Virginia.

Pass rates for all Virginia Bar Exam applicants and for law schools in Virginia.

  First-time Takers Percentage Overall Percentage
All February 2021 Bar Exam Applicants
Virginia Law Schools:
     Appalachian School of Law
     College of William and Mary
     George Mason University
     Liberty University
     Regent University
     University of Richmond
     University of Virginia
     Washington and Lee University

The Supreme Court of Virginia will conduct a virtual Admission Ceremony on June 2, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. All February 2021 licensed applicants (Pass List One) were mailed instructions on how to register to participate in the virtual Admission Ceremony.