Laptop Program - Registration, Requirements

Registration Instructions

To use your laptop at the July 2024 Virginia Bar Exam, you must successfully complete all of the following steps:

Step One: Registration
  • You must register for the laptop program with Exam4.
  • Once you have successfully registered, you will receive an email titled, "Exam4 - Registration Confirmation."*
Step Two: Payment
  • After completing registration, a "Make payment" link to pay for the software will be available.
  • Upon successful payment, you will receive an email titled, "Your Extegrity receipt."*
Step Three: Download Software
  • After successfully registering and submitting payment, you must download the compatible version of the software.
Step Four: Submit a Practice Exam
  • Your "Exam4 - Registration Confirmation" email will contain information on how to submit a practice exam. You are required to submit a practice exam to ensure that your computer is able to run the Exam4 software.
  • Once you have successfully submitted a practice exam, you will receive an email titled, "Exam4 – Practice Exam Received." *

*If you do not receive any of the above-referenced emails, be sure to check your spam or junk folders. For further assistance, contact Exam4 User Support by completing and submitting the form found at the bottom of the page at

Prior to the bar exam, the Board will send an email to those applicants who successfully registered, paid and submitted their practice exam confirming they are registered for the laptop program.

July 2024 Laptop Program Registration - CLOSED

Laptop Program registration is now CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED.
  • If you have already registered and paid, you may download the software through July 26th for the July 2024 Laptop Program by clicking here.

Laptop Registration/Download Schedule for July 2024 Bar Exam

Type Dates Fees
Regular Registration Begins June 12, 2024 $125.00
Regular Registration Ends June 21, 2024
Late Registration Begins June 22, 2024 $175.00
Late Registration Ends July 1, 2024
Software Download available
(for those who have registered and paid for the upcoming bar exam laptop program)
June 12 - July 26, 2024  
Re-applicants and those who deferred sitting from a previous exam must register, pay and download the software for each bar exam.

If you fail to register for the Laptop Program you will handwrite the exam.

*To avoid incurring a $50 additional late fee, you must pay and receive an email receipt by the end of regular registration, no exceptions.

General Conditions

The Board of Bar Examiners offers all timely filed bar exam applicants the ability to use their laptop computers for the essay portion of the Virginia Bar Exam.  We have contracted with an exam software company, Extegrity, to provide this service. All applicants who timely and properly register for the laptop program will be allowed to participate.

There will be computer testing room(s) for all applicants who have registered for the laptop program. The computer testing room(s) will be equipped with tables and electrical outlets.

If you fail to register in the time period allotted, you will be handwriting the exam.

If you are interested in using your laptop, carefully review the following:

All payments must be made to Extegrity.

You will be required to download, install and verify the operation of Extegrity Exam4 software on your laptop prior to the exam. The software limits access to anything other than the word processing functions provided by the software, and facilitates essential administrative functions.

A special version of Exam4 will be issued specifically for the current administration of the Virginia Bar Exam — no other version or copy of Exam4 software may be used. The software will be available for download from the date registration begins until the Friday prior to the bar exam. Downloading the software does not constitute registering for the laptop program. You must timely complete ALL the registration steps in order to be considered properly registered.

Your laptop must meet all requirements of the Technical Requirements section below, and you must follow all Exam4 user instructions.

If your computer has any type of hardware or software problem, Extegrity technical staff are authorized to make a reasonable effort to resolve it. However, if the problem cannot be resolved easily, or if there is a site power failure, you must be willing to continue taking the examination by handwriting your answers using a pen with dark blue or black ink. You will be permitted to continue handwriting your answers, beginning at the point where you were when your computer malfunctioned. After the session, every attempt will be made to retrieve your answer(s) from your hard drive. Exam4 software is designed to protect your work, and it is very likely the data can be recovered, but it is not guaranteed. No extra exam time will be granted in the event your computer malfunctions. You assume all risks of using a computer to take your exam.

You must have received notification from the Board that your bar exam application has been timely filed for the current exam.

There will be a fee of $125 for participation in the Laptop Program. The fee covers software licensing plus additional administrative costs associated with administration of the Laptop Program. The entire fee is payable to Extegrity, which only accepts payment via the registration form. The fee is non-refundable nor deferrable to a subsequent administration of the exam (with an exception for cases of unexpected military deployment).

All communications with you from the Board about the Laptop Program will be by email or posted on our website. It is your responsibility to inform the Board of any email change and to regularly check our website and your email. **If you have Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or any other email provider which detects unfamiliar emails as spam, you will need to set your preferences to accept mail from and**

Technical Requirements

Your laptop must meet the following specifications:
  • Click here for the Extegrity Exam4 computer hardware and operating system requirements.
  • Must have a working USB or USB-C port on your computer.
  • Must have the ability to submit your exam via wifi network.
  • Must have 10 MB free hard disk space (a very small amount) and minimum 800x600 screen resolution.
  • Must be able to download the software from the Internet and install it on your laptop.
  • Must have a fully charged battery on the day of the exam. You are also required to bring the laptop's power supply cord and a 8-foot long (minimum) extension cord to the exam.
  • Macintosh (Apple) Laptop Users – make sure you know your Administrator Account Name and Password. Your Administrator Account Name and Password are required before the security check can begin.
Further technical specifications:

You will be responsible for the operation of your own computer, including but not limited to the following good practices: operating system has been updated with the latest patches and updates from Microsoft or Apple; computer is free of viruses on the basis of a recent scan with up-to-date anti-virus software. Spyware, adware and peer-to-peer file sharing software can interfere with normal operation of the computer and should be removed.

The exam software will be made available for download and installation from the date registration begins until the Friday prior to the exam. It is your responsibility to make sure you have installed the software and can run it on your laptop. The best way to test the software is to follow the software vendor's instructions for taking a practice exam. (There are no questions for a practice exam. A practice exam is to test the software's compatibility with your computer and to familiarize yourself with the keyboard functions only). For information about using Exam4, go to the FAQ + Support section of their website at

Technical support via email is available from Exam4 for several weeks prior to the exam at the FAQ + Support section on their website at Only limited technical support will be provided at the bar exam test site immediately prior to the start of the exam.

For further assistance, contact Exam4 User Support by completing and submitting the form found at the bottom of the page at

In the event of electrical problems or substantial computer problems, as determined by the Board in consultation with Extegrity representatives during the exam, applicants should be prepared to handwrite their answers.