Foreign Legal Consultant

Certificate for a Foreign Legal Consultant, in accordance with Supreme Court of Virginia Rule 1A:7, may be issued to a person admitted to practice law by the duly constituted and authorized professional body or governmental authority of any foreign nation.

Such certificate will entitle one to render legal services in the Commonwealth only with regard to matters involving the law of foreign nation(s) in which the person is admitted to practice or international law. The term "international law" means a body of laws, rules or legal principles that are based on custom, treaties or legislation and that control or affect (1) the rights and duties of nations in relation to other nations or their citizens, or (2) the rights and obligations pertaining to international transactions.

The practice permitted under this rule does not authorize the foreign legal consultant to appear in court.

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  1. Foreign Legal Consultant Application - Use this form to apply for the Foreign Legal Consultant ONLY.