Character & Fitness Instructions

Before being issued a license to practice law in Virginia, each applicant is required by statute to produce to the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners evidence sufficient to satisfy the Board that the applicant is a person of honest demeanor and good moral character and possesses the requisite fitness to perform the obligations and responsibilities of a practicing attorney at law. Va. Code Ann. § 54.1-3925.1. The standards for making such evaluation are set forth in the Board's Rules and Supreme Court of Virginia Regulations. Completion of the Character & Fitness Questionnaire is the first step in this process.

You must answer each question on this Questionnaire fully and truthfully. Any omission, untruthful answer, or incomplete answer may result in your being denied the privilege of taking the bar examination and/or practicing law in Virginia. If you have any doubt about whether any matter should be reported on this Questionnaire, you should report it. Any advice you seek or receive does not absolve you of responsibility for your response. If an omission is deemed material, such omission may result in the denial of licensure.

When completing the Questionnaire or any subsequent update, if you are not sure of dates, times, places, or other information requested, it is your responsibility to consult the company, entity, court, governmental agency, or person involved to obtain ALL accurate and complete information.

Until you are licensed, admitted and registered as a member of the Virginia State Bar, you have a continuing duty to report immediately the following, in writing, to the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners: any change in your personal, educational or professional status that may affect your standing relative to your character and fitness to practice law, including anything that would modify any of the responses on this Questionnaire or subsequent updates.

An original Questionnaire with required attachments, signed and notarized, under oath or affirmation, must be submitted to the Secretary of the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners along with the appropriate fee, in accordance with the fee schedule currently in effect. An Application for Examination, Admission Without Examination, the Law Reader Program, Military Legal Assistance Attorney, or Military Spouse Provisional Admission must be filed simultaneously with this Character & Fitness Questionnaire. You should keep a copy of your completed Character & Fitness Questionnaire for your personal records.

All forms, required attachments, and fee should be sent to:

Office of the Secretary
Virginia Board of Bar Examiners
2201 West Broad Street, Suite 101
Richmond, Virginia 23220-2022