Foreign Addresses

Proper formatting of foreign addresses

Applicants are required to provide addresses to the Board of Bar Examiners in their Application and Character & Fitness Questionnaire. These addresses include current and past addresses, employment, education, and other addresses. Some of these addresses may be outside the United States and since there are many formats for these foreign addresses, we have defined a method for obtaining consistent and correctly formatted foreign addresses.

The following directions will assist you in providing foreign addresses that are properly formatted for mailing inquires as required by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners.


Since 1985, MelissaData has been providing global address verification services to the world. The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners is utilizing this free service to ensure that your foreign addresses are correctly formatted and verified.


Gather the foreign address you would like to submit

EXAMPLE: World Bank in China

Copy the address


Open your web browser to MelissData -

  • Locate the "Input" section
  • Select the "Country"
  • Paste or type the address in the "Street Address" area
  • Click the checkbox - "Output in Latin"
  • When all data is entered - Click the button - "Verify Address"
  • Blank Data Entered

    STEP 3

    Successful results will show a correctly formatted foreign address

  • Copy the "Output Address"
  • Successful Output

    STEP 4

    VBBE Online Forms
    Return to the online forms and paste the copied address into the Foreign Address space provided.

    Documentation you are preparing for submission
    Use this copied foreign address in the document you are preparing.