Miscellaneous Forms

Following is a list of miscellaneous forms that you may need.

These require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the forms and print them, or use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the forms and complete on a typewriter.

  1. Change of Address
  2. Fingerprint Card Information and Request Form
  3. MBE Score Advisory/Transfer Request - This request is for bar exam applicants who have already received a pass/fail status and are seeking admission in another jurisdiction. (This form is not for those who sat concurrently in Virginia and another jurisdiction. Click here for Concurrent Transfer form.)
  4. Name Change - For those who applied previously and have changed their name via marriage, divorce, or name change order.
  5. Request a Certified Copy of an Application
  6. Medical Accommodations Request Form - This request form is for bar exam applicants who need to request special seating in one of the main exam rooms due to a medical condition or for bar exam applicants who need to bring any medically necessary item(s) into the exam room NOT on the allowed list.