VA - Driving Records

Please follow these instructions when acquiring your Virginia driving record.

Access your personal driving record here. Follow the DMV instructions to access your personal driving record.

Once you access your personal driving record, please follow these instructions to ensure that you retrieve your "entire" record.


Top of your record should look like this:

Print this page and then move to the bottom of the page.


This will appear on the bottom of page one:

If there is a "next page" button, click it.


After clicking "next page" this will be the top of the page:

Print this page and move to the bottom of the page. Continue to click "next page" until "previous page" appears.


This is the bottom of the final page of your record:

The final page of your record will contain the statement "THIS ENDS TRANSMISSION." Once this is reached and you have printed all pages, you will have a complete driving record.